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Hero’s figure has always played a major role in the South-Eastern Europe oral traditions. Which are their physical, moral and social characteristics? Is there any trans-historic common heroic archetype in South-Eastern Europe? How did the 20th c. ideologies value and instrumentalize the great figures of the oral tradition? By such an asking, Damianakos brings into light the complex ties between myth and history, as well as interpretative problems linked with vocabulary, oral and inactual material of folk songs, and inaccurate explanations of ethno-historic context. As far as the gap between ideology and literary reality is concerned, it comes from the absence of the word “hero” in traditional lexicon of the South-Eastern Europe countries.

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Bibliographical reference

Stathis Damianakos, « Introduction », Études balkaniques, 7 | 2000, 7-23.

Electronic reference

Stathis Damianakos, « Introduction », Études balkaniques [Online], 7 | 2000, Online since 08 April 2009, connection on 19 August 2022. URL :

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