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Copyright Transfer Agreement

Between the Université des Antilles’ Fouillole Campus, BP 250, 97 157 Pointe-à-Pitre, represented by Professor Michel Geoffroy in their capacity as publisher of Études Caribéennes, hereafter “the Journal,” and author name, hereafter “the Author.”

Issue Title is a collective work within the scope of articles L. 113-2 and L. 113-5 of the Intellectual Property Code, under which the Journal is protected by intellectual property rights.

The Author agrees to participate in this collective work under the following conditions:

Preamble: The Journal entrusts the publication and diffusion to the University Press of the Antilles, hereafter named “the Publisher.”

Art. 1. Purpose of contract: The present contract is intended for the publication of the Contribution identified above and the surrender of corresponding rights.

Art. 2. Rights assignment: The Author relinquishes exclusively to the benefit of the Journal, that agrees, all copyrights and any representations or adaptations related to the contribution. This includes the right to use the Contribution in whole or in part throughout the world by the Publisher or by an assigned third party for the duration of the copyright, in any languages and in any current and future media of expression, and to license or permit others to do so.

  • Reproduction rights include the right to reproduce the Contribution in all current and future media of expression, including press, book and other papers, and electronic forms permitting its digital storage in a transitory or permanent fashion.

  • Representation rights include particularly the right to broadcast the Contribution by all current or future methods of telecommunication, especially via the Internet.

  • Adaptation rights include the right to translate the Contribution, or to adapt it with the aim of reconciling it with other contributions.

The Author also cedes associated rights to all reproduction of the Contribution under Article L. 122-10 of the Intellectual Property Code.

Art. 3. Author Obligations: The Author accepts adjustments that are strictly necessary as a consequence of the nature of the publication and of the readership. The Author guarantees that the Contribution is unpublished and that its composition, apart from text extracts and/or printed illustrations in other works for which they obtained the necessary authorization to reproduce. The necessary authorization documents are attached to this contract.

The Author guarantees that the Contribution contains no libelous or unlawful statements, does not infringe on the rights or the privacy of others, or contain material that might cause harm or injury.

Art. 4. Journal Obligations: The Études Caribéennes Journal provides care for the good integration of the Contribution in the publication.

Art. 5. Open Access Policy: In accordance with Article 30 of law 2016-1321 of October 7, 2016, coming into force October 9, 2016, the Author may submit the final version of their accepted manuscript for publication in an open archive. The Journal recommends the submission of the publisher’s version.

Art. 6. Dispute: All disputes that may arise from the present contract shall undergo arbitration prior to judicial remedy.

At Pointe-à-Pitre, JJ/MM/AAAA.

Signature of Author

Signature of Publisher

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