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30 | Avril 2015
Le luxe dans tous ses états : fondements, dynamiques et pluralité

Luxury in all its States: Foundations, Dynamic and Plurality
El lujo en todos sus estados: fundamentos, dinámicas y pluralidad
Edited by Olivier DEHOORNE and Sopheap THENG
Le luxe en question
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Credits : Source : O. Dehoorne, 2014

This issue of “Revues Etudes Caribéennes” aims to reflect upon the concept of luxury, to invest the luxury in all its states. It comes to question the foundations of luxury, from the theory to the materiality, from the manufacture to the consumption, between provocative distinction and aesthetization in all walk of life.

Within the context of this thematic issue, luxury is envisaged a multidisciplinary approach, ranging from philosophy to sociology, from the economy to the development of the territory... Imputs may approach luxury a specific angle (economics of luxury, the luxury throughout history). They can treat a particular dimension of luxury, through an emblematic product or construction of luxury territories. Special attention will be paid to the luxury industry with its brands and its logic of creation and production. Finally, luxury exist through the construction of its legends which are formed from many distinctive indicators that stimulate both the casual and the exclusive consumers.

The priorities themes will be:

1. The concept of luxury across the different disciplinary fields ('conspicuous consumption', 'provocative distinction", 'aestheticization of behaviour', and 'market-judgement')
2. Luxury in time (between the sacred and ostentatious, the meaning of luxury, the myths of luxury)
3. Luxury and Creation (objects dedicated to luxury, from  the creation to the construction of the legend)
4. Luxury industry (haute couture, jewelry, spirits... claws and luxury brands)
5. The economy of luxury (luxury during economic crisis, and the economy of singularities)
6. Luxury in tourism (luxury hotels, luxury destinations)
7. The sustainability of luxury, between renewal and eternity

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