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Since 1992, the journal Études écossaises forged a solid reputation for itself as a reference publication in its disciplinary field.

Latest issue
20 | 2018
The Construction and Reconstruction of Scotland

La construction et la reconstruction de l’Écosse
Edited by Cyril Besson

If “construction” means, etymologically, “to heap together”, it is striking that the more modern meaning of the word implies a process that does not bear the same overtones of near inadvertence. Instead, it entails an intentionality of some sort, a quasi-Miltonian drive to inform an original chaos, a first step inscribing the prospective architect (or a more modest bricoleur) in a chain of constructions, reconstructions and, potentially, destructions, headed towards wherever the arrow of time leads—and not necessarily “with wandring steps and slow”.
This loaded concept, with its variously affixed derivatives, was the main theme for the 2017 SAES conference, and is the core topic of this year’s issue of Scottish Studies / Études écossaises. The topic is particularly relevant to the case of Scotland after the reopening of the Parliament, which seems to have brought about the end of a long stasis for her, at least in the eyes of other nations, causing its visible reinscription in sequence.
The first series of papers deals with the construction of an identity for Scotland, specifically in the visual arts, while the second group of texts deals with the reactivation of the past, while the third part is concerned with expansion, the ways in which culture can also pave the way for “the future” at given points in time, and not just that of Scotland.


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