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Manuscript Submission

- All texts submitted to the Études photographiques editorial board must be original and unpublished work.
- Texts are peer-reviewed by Études photographiques’ editorial board, which meets twice per year (in the spring and fall).

Submission of a Manuscript
- Article length: between 4,000 to 5,600 words, not including footnotes (approx.
1,200 words). File must be sent as .doc or .rtf files (Times New Roman; size twelve; 1.5 line spacing).

- An image list must be submitted: eight to fifteen illustrations with image references included within the text.
Images must be combined into a single PDF file.
- Captions must include the following information:
• Author of the image’s first name and last name;
• Title, or caption, or description of the image;
• Process/medium;
• Image dimensions (centimetres).
=> Copyright information and collection location: please include contact information for those responsible for the collection or archive holding the object, as well as indication of the copyright holder.

- A 150-word summary of the article.
- A 75-word biography specifying her/his position, institutional affiliation and most recent/major publications. - A list of eight key words.
- Acknowledgements are to be placed at the end of the text.

Notes and References
- Quotations are indicated using single quotation marks (‘ ’) and must be accompanied by a footnote citation.
- Quotations within quotations are indicated by double quotation marks (“ ”).
- Bibliographic Citations are to be provided in footnotes at the bottom of each page.
- Book: First Name Last Name,
Book Title (Publication Location: Publisher, Publication Date), page number – page number.
- Article/Chapter in a book: First Name Last Name, ‘Article Title,’ in
Book Title, ed. First Name Last Name, page number – page number (Publication Location: Publisher, Publication Date).
- Journal Article: First Name Last Name, ‘Article Title,'
Journal Title, no. (Publication Date): page number – page number.
- Symposium/Conference: ‘Title of Speech,’ organized by first Name last Name, Symposium location, dates.
- Article Published on a Web site: First Name Last Name, ‘Article Title,’ Web site Name: Date (URL address).

Please send all documents (texts and images) to Études Photographiques’ editorial assistant :

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