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N°14, 2017 – Producing virtues in Plato and Platonism



The Etudes Platoniciennes Journal, an online review hosted on the platform ( is calling for papers for the 2017 issue (vol. 14), on the following theme : « Producing virtues in Plato and Platonism »

How could one answer the question « what is » such or such a virtue, as Socrates invites his interlocutor to do in many dialogues, without having any notion of how it could be produced ? One could even argue, on the basis of Laches 189e-190a, that only those who know how to produce virtue can actually define it, exactly as the ability of the doctor to restore vision in the eyes of the sick is the proof of his knowledge of what vision actually is. The craftsman’s work and the educative endeavour are thus likened as means to produce a state or disposition which can be tested as far as their quality is concerned - a production supposing knowledge of the reality produced. From the early dialogues until the Laws, the question of the nature of virtue is constantly correlated to the question of its production.

The present issue of Les Etudes Platoniciennes sets the goal of examining this correlation and drawing all possible consequences regarding the way the opposition of theory and practice might be thought / interpreted within the history of Platonism. Platonic “Intellectualism» should also be questioned in the light of this emphasis on production. Papers submitted to the editorial board might range from the Presocratic inspiration of the dialogues to Neoplatonism, including of course Plato’s dialogues themselves. Contributions on the tradition of imperial Platonism, which confronts the Platonic dialogues with the doctrines of other philosophical schools, as well as on Neoplatonism, which reintroduces the question of virtues within the frame of the derivation of everything from the  One beyond Being, are welcome.

Submission of proposal

Contributions Proposals will be sent electronically, in .doc format writing to the following address:, in accordance with the guidelines described under « Soumettre un article » on the journal’s website, and following the recommendations for presentation (“Instructions aux auteurs”)

Deadline : 15th of march 2017

Accepted languages : French, German, Italian, Spanish, English.

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