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About the journal

Études rurales was founded in 1961 by Isac Chiva, Georges Duby and Daniel Faucher as a home for interdisciplinary analyses of rurality. The journal has remained faithful to its founding principles, focusing on the full range of cultural, social, and political issues related to the non-urban sphere.

While agriculture and food production in rural areas remain fundamental questions of interest, contemporary developments are generating new strands of research into environmental issues and the human relationship with rural ecosystems. Études rurales is open to all the social sciences, with an emphasis on fieldwork and production. The journal only accepts previously unpublished research.

Institutional affiliations

Études rurales is published twice a year by Éditions de l’EHESS with the support of the Institut des sciences humaines et sociales at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique. The editorial team is hosted by the Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale at the Collège de France.


Études rurales only publishes thematic dossiers consisting of 5 to 7 articles, plus one or two articles on miscellaneous topics. The journal accepts articles written in either French or English not exceeding 45,000 characters.

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