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Amy S. Patterson, The African State and the AIDS Crisis

Ashgate, Global Health, 2005, 240 pages
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Amy S. Patterson, The African State and the AIDS Crisis, Ashgate, Global Health, 2005, 240 pages

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1This edited volume analyzes African state responses to the AIDS epidemic. Institutionally weak, limited in resources and lacking power in the international system, the African state has been characterized as inefficient, corrupt and illegitimate.

2The volume questions how aspects of the African state have affected policy responses to AIDS. It highlights how African states must initiate, develop and/or implement the long-term policy solutions necessary to combat AIDS. It employs empirical studies from the international and national arena to illustrate why some African states have been able (and willing) to address AIDS while others have not.

3Contributions analyze how international actors, civil society organizations, state ideology, patriarchy and state capacity have influenced policies to fight AIDS. Examining AIDS policies through the prism of African state development and linkages to domestic and international actors, this book provides a nuanced understanding of the variety of responses to AIDS in Africa.


  • Introduction: the African State and the AIDS crisis, Amy S. Patterson

  • AIDS and patriarchy: ideological obstacles to effective policy making, Patricia Siplon

  • Patterns of mobilization: political culture in the fight against AIDS, Fred Eboko, translated by Babacar Mbengue

  • AIDS, politics, and NGOs in Zimbabwe, Jake Batsell

  • AIDS, democracy, and international donors in Ghana, Amy S. Patterson and Bernard Haven

  • The economic, social, and political drivers of the AIDS epidemic in Swaziland: a case study, Alan Whiteside

  • The more things change: AIDS and the state in South Africa, 1987-2003, Patrick Furlong and Karen Ball

  • Personalist regimes and the insecurity dilemma: Prioritizing AIDS as a national security threat in Uganda, Robert L. Ostergard, Jr and Crystal Barcelo

  • Weak and ineffective? African states and recent international AIDS policies, Amy S. Patterson and David Cieminis

  • AIDS, pharmaceutical patents, and the African state: reorienting the global governance of intellectual property, Debora Halbert and Christopher May

  • Pursuing African AIDS governance: consolidating the response and preparing for the future, Maite Irurzun-Lopez and Nana Poku

  • Index

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