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Call for proposals on Rural and decentralised peri-urban electrification in emerging and developing countries -Special Issue

FACTS Initiative (Field Action Science) and FERDI (Foundation for studies and research on international development) have the pleasure of announcing a joint call for proposals for the forthcoming publication of a special issue of the journal FACTS Reports on access to electricity.

This special issue is intended to present an inventory of what has been done over the last fifteen years in the field of rural or decentralised peri-urban electrification in emerging and developing countries, and obtain feedback on what works and what does not.

This call is addressed to the players of development, but also to researchers or observers - public or private persons or institutions - wishing to add to this inventory and showcase electrification experiences that have proven to be effective.

Our target relates to projects promoting access for the poor to electricity, with special emphasis on renewable energies, whether these projects concern the installation of new facilities or their management and maintenance. These projects should be reproducible and/or upscalable. These projects must have sufficient evaluation data.

The proposals should address the following questions:

  • What was the purpose of the project? What was the origin of the project? What motivated its launch? (geographical location, socio-economic context etc.)

  • What technology was used? How does it work? What are its advantages/limitations?

  • How was the project implemented? (presentation of the project cycle) What obstacles/problems were encountered?

  • To what degree does the project work? Is the technology suited to the environment and to the needs of the target population? Have the initiative's limits (environmental, economic, social and cultural) been identified?

  • What impact does the initiative have on the local community, the beneficiaries or the participants?

  • What lessons can be learned from this initiative? Can they serve to improve any development or international cooperation policies?

FACTS Initiative is a forum for the expression and exchange of ideas, the promotion, communication and dissemination of local innovations pushed by the local requests and needs. These innovations may be chiefly technical, social or management-related, and may be related to the different components of a sustainable and inclusive development. The FACTS initiative was set up and is currently supported by Philippe Kourilsky, Collège de France professor in Paris and Director General of the Pasteur Institute from 2000 to 2005. This initiative has received the support of a committee composed of eminent personalities, such as Amartya Sen, Rajendra K. Pachauri, Ismail Serageldin.

An open access international publication devoted to field actions and governed by peer review, FACTS Reports aims to put forward mechanisms for communication, assessment and recognition between the professionals of a field, and in particular in developing countries.

Created in 2003, FERDI is a think tank whose primary mission is to use its research work to participate in and influence the international debate on major development issues. A non-profit and independent private institution, it employs high level researchers in the field of development and proposes relevant and innovative ideas on key themes of the economics of development.

In this way, it develops innovative analysis tools and supports research activities using the most modern and most relevant instruments of economic science for the study of development.

Potential authors are invited to contact Jean-Claude Berthélemy, Senior Fellow of FERDI and editor of this special issue, and Victor Béguerie, researcher at FERDI, first submitting an abstract in English, French or Spanish together with a résumé or concise biography by 30 June 2015. Authors whose abstracts have been accepted must submit the first version of their papers for peer review within three months. The final version of the papers is expected by 31 December 2015 for publication in the first half of 2016. A dissemination event will be organized when the review is published.

All papers will be reviewed and assessed by peers. The guidelines for authors and other useful information for manuscript submission are provided in the "Instructions to authors" section of the FACTS website:

Requests for information prior to submission and paper proposals should be sent by e-mail to the project coordinators, with the subject line "Call for papers- FACTS-FERDI":

The papers should not exceed 5000 words, excluding a 150- to 250-word abstract. The references must appear at the end of the paper and be cited in the body. The authors should suggest a number of keywords, allowing the paper to be located by search engines. Papers may be submitted by one person or may be co-written by several authors. The papers must be in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

The figures and illustrations, numbered and captioned (with the sources cited correctly) must be placed in the text where the author wishes them to appear. Image source files must be sent separately, so that we can verify that the quality and format are consistent with on-line publication requirements (minimum resolution 300 dpi, and PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF format).

Recently published papers can be viewed at:

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