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Call for papers on Acces to Healthcare, and Healthcare Funding and Performance

Dear Colleague,

Although the Bamako Initiative introduced financial participation from users to improve the management of healthcare establishments by providing them with additional funds, it is generally acknowledged that many issues raised at the time have not been addressed 24 years after its implementation.

The issues concern equal access to healthcare for the underprivileged, as well as the performance of the offer and the motivation of healthcare personnel. Initiatives and policy changes have appeared in several countries over the past few years aimed at improving the use and performance of healthcare services.

In this context, FACTS Reports has decided to devote a special issue to actions undertaken on “access to healthcare, and healthcare funding and performance”.

All over the world, people in the field work to solve the problems of eliminating the barriers to healthcare access through new financing models and improving performance of the offer through inducement policies.

The purpose of FACTS Reports is to compile and circulate to the people in the field the contents of relevant, effective and reproducible actions, explaining the methods used and the results obtained and considering how to improve, develop and reproduce these field actions.

As an independent and international science publication, FACTS Reports ensures broad circulation in the milieu of international development through papers on demand online and published through this journal1.

The colloquia on health financing held at CERDI, University of Auvergne, between 11 and 13 May 2011, provided the occasion for these fieldworkers to describe the results from their actions. The FACTS Reports editors asked us to select presentations within the scope of the journal, and we are therefore writing to inquire whether you might be interested in sending us a paper based on your presentation. If you were unable to take part in the colloquia but would like to publish a paper consistent with this issue's themes, then we would be happy to consider your manuscript.

Papers can be in French or English. The FACTS Reports staff can assist authors in writing the manuscript and translation.

Thanking you for your consideration, we remain at your disposal for any further information you may require.


Martine Audibert and Jacky Mathonnat for the FACTS Reports editorial committee

Guide to authors

Papers submitted to FACTS Reports must include the following:

  • What is the goal of the project/program

  • How was this project/program implemented

  • What were the obstacles faced and how were they surmounted

  • What were the benefits of the project

  • How could this project be improved and reproduced

Papers are limited to 5000 words, 50 references, and 6 tables and figures. Shorter papers are welcome.

The abstract, under 250 words long, must present the starting point, methods, results and conclusions.

The paper must have a title, an abstract, key words, an introduction, the methods used, the results obtained, a discussion, and acknowledgements and references.

The discussion must have at least one paragraph on the specific implications of the program.

The title (maximum 40 characters) must contain the full name, degrees and institutional affiliations of all authors, the e-mail address of the corresponding author, and the word count.

Manuscripts must be clear, concise and comprehensible to as many people as possible.

The structure of the paper must clearly separate facts from discussion.

Manuscripts in MS Word form must be e-mailed by 20 October 2011 to the following addresses: and

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