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Finance Contrôle Stratégie is a transdisciplinary quarterly scientific journal. Its objectives are:

- To contribute to the development of research in strategy, management control and finance with an organizational dimension;

- To enhance the diffusion of the results of scientific research, particularly but not exclusively those from recently completed PhD work;

- To encourage the collaboration of scholars from different sub-disciplines within management research.

Finance Contrôle Stratégie gives priority to articles with rigorous methodological approaches and theoretical foundation, aiming at explaining organizational performance and decision-making in the fields of finance, management control and strategy. It favors articles with strong empirical emphasis (through experimentation, surveys, etc.). One of the decisive criteria for article acceptance is the article’s contribution to the explanation of real phenomena (even through a description with respect to a theoretical framework). Articles only favoring prescriptive aspects and insisting exclusively on formalization are not considered a priority. Finance Contrôle Stratégie is also open to original bibliographical summaries and critical discussion papers.

Submissions to FCS can be made in english. In this situation, the reviewing process is totally completed in English. If the paper is accepted, authors are required to translate the paper in French, either by doing it themselves or by using copy-editing services. Both versions, french and english are then published simultaneously.

Editorial board

Director of publication

  • Jean-François GAJEWSKI, Université de Lyon, Jean Moulin

Associate editor

  • Véronique BESSIÈRE, Université de Montpellier

  • Amaury GRIMAND, Université de Nantes

  • Gérald NARO, Université de Montpellier


  • Michel GERVAIS, Université de Rennes 1

  • Gérard CHARREAUX, Université de Bourgogne

Former Chief editors :

  • Michel GERVAIS, 1998-2007

  • Gérard CHARREAUX, 1998-2007

  • Albert DAVID, 2007-2019

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