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Started in 2005, Les Cahiers de Framespa is a full open access electronic journal, published by FRAMESPA, a human sciences laboratory (« France, Amériques, Espagne – Sociétés, Pouvoirs, Acteurs », UMR 5136, Toulouse Jean-Jaurès University / CNRS). Although usually half-yearly, it may nonetheless publish one or two extra issues. Being a mirror of the far reaching interests of the laboratory, it deals with the broad fields of the history of societies and devotes specific pages to social history, as indicated by its subtitle ‘New fields in social history’. As an interdisciplinary journal, its purpose is to establish links between the different fields of research tackled by the FRAMESPA laboratory, and other research centers in history or social sciences, thus allowing a cross analysis, in order to provide a dynamic approach to past as well as present societies. The FRAMESPA lab. has a quadruple structure: Imperial logics, Terrae, Creation/Production, Corpus (for further information see:

Our journal intends to bring over to an audience of erudite and academic readers the original research carried out within the FRAMESPA lab. through accounts of our latest investigations: contributions to seminars, working sessions, and also new subjects suggested either to lab.- or non lab. members. Each issue is built round a thematic dossier, put into working order by an expert of the area, but may also contain varia, interviews, round tables, queries, book reviews and accounts of scientific events.

The journal is trilingual (French, English and Spanish), and provides summaries of all papers in the three aforesaid languages. Electronic processes make it possible to achieve an abundant supply of documents that would otherwise have benefited of more limited circulation in print (photographs, iconographic or sound dossiers).

Les Cahiers de Framespa is a peer-reviewed journal (ISSN 1760-4761), managed by an editorial board and an extended scientific board. A double blind control is applied in order to insure fair appraisal. A first evaluation will be carried out by an expert not belonging to the author’s university, and a second one by a member of the editorial board. A single negative report is enough to decide against publication. Papers will be normally published within eighteen weeks after approval. Contributors must commit themselves to offer none but original papers.

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