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Founded in 1996 by Françoise Létoublon along with André Hurst (Geneva) and Franco Montanari (Genova), Gaia is meant as a crossroads of discussions concerning Archaic Greece in an original manner. It publishes articles by authors coming from different but complementary fields (literature, linguistics, philology, history, anthropology, archeology, reception of antiquity). It is also open from a linguistic point of view (articles published up to now in French, English, Italian and German).

It has hosted, since 2012, thematic issues coordinated by a managing editor.

It also publishes translations in French of articles that the publishing committee deems important to make known.

Published by UGA Éditions, Gaia appears once a year. All the issues are available in free and full access as soon as they are published. The first 20 issues are available on Persée.

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