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Created in 1942 by the National Center for Scientific Research, Gallia is the leading journal in the field of French archaeology. It aims to publish new and hitherto unknown discoveries of significant and supra-regional interest as well as thematic syntheses.

The journal publishes in-depth articles about ancient Gaul, from the Early Iron Age, Antiquity to the end of the Merovingian kingdoms.

The geographical field encompasses the former Gallic space: the Roman provinces of the Tres Gallia (Three Gauls), the Narbonensis, the Germanies, as well as immediately bordering territories which participate in their fate. The journal welcomes articles, written in English or French, on sites or major discoveries in France but also in the nearby countries.

Monographs, major syntheses that represent significant advances for the archaeology and the history of the Gauls and collections of major interest are published as supplements.

The journal is supported by the French Ministry of Culture and the National Center for Scientific Research.

Since 2015, the journal is managed by Martial Monteil, professor of archaeology at the university of Nantes.

Former directors (since 1943):

Image 1000000000000837000001B1FD5419DE.jpg

From left to right: Albert Grenier (1943-1961), Paul-Marie Duval (1961-1985), Christian Goudineau (1986-1993), Fanette Laubenheimer (1994-1999), Paul Van Ossel (2000-2007), William Van Andringa (2008-2015).

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