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The journal was created pursuant to the law no 90 of January 21, 1942 (Article 1), replaced by the decree no 45-2098 of September 13, 1945 (Article 8), and which entrusts the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) with “ensuring and overseeing the publication of research and results subsequent to archaeological excavations”.

Gallia is one of the France’s leading journal for ancient archeology, with an important international audience. It publishes thematic issues and review articles that deal with the most significant discoveries and research in France, as well as in neighboring countries, so long as they remain relevant to the overall notion of Gaul.

Its mission is to broadcast the results of the main projects and excavations evaluated by the National Archaeological Research Council (Conseil national de la recherche archéologique – CNRA) or the Territorial Archaeological Research Commissions (Commissions territoriales de la recherche archéologique – CTRA). As an archaeological journal and in regards to each site studied, Gallia is open to all disciplines that may broaden the field of research.

Its chronological purview spans from the Protohistoric period, beginning in the First Iron Age, covering Antiquity and Late Antiquity, and lasting until the end of the Merovingian dynasty.

Its geographical scope is that of the ancient “Gallic” expanse, which corresponds to the Roman provinces of the Three Gauls, Gallia Narbonensis and Germania, as well as the immediately adjacent territories which have a direct impact on their history.

Since 1946, the Gallia Supplements (Suppléments à Gallia) publish monographic studies, extensive reviews and corpora (iconographic, epigraphic, etc.) of major interest or which represent significant advances for the archeology and history of Gaul. Collections, such as the General Collection of Mosaics of Gaul (Recueil général des mosaïques de la Gaule), the Latin Inscriptions of Gallia Narbonensis (Inscriptions latines de Narbonnaise – ILN) or the Collection of Gallic Inscriptions (Recueil des inscriptions gauloises – RIG), function as assemblages and serve specifically to compile the corpora.

The journal is supported by the Ministry of Culture (General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, sub-directorate of Archeology) and the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (CNRS).

Since 2015, the journal is managed by Martial Monteil, professor of archaeology at Nantes Université.


Formers directors (since 1943):

Image 1000000000000837000001B101F6EE9EACE2F00D.jpg

From left to right: Albert Grenier (1943-1961), Paul-Marie Duval (1961-1985), Christian Goudineau (1985-1994), Fanette Laubenheimer (1994-2001), Paul Van Ossel (2001-2007), William Van Andringa (2008-2015).

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