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Article submission

A proposal for an article or supplement that is complete and up to standard will be processed more efficiently and quickly by the editorial staff. We therefore request that authors scrupulously respect the journal’s recommendations and verify the completeness of all documents and data before sending.

Only original and unpublished manuscripts that have not been simultaneously submitted to other journals will be accepted.

Submission, review and publication calendar

Manuscript overview

Manuscripts must reach the editorial staff no later than March 30th and October 30th of the current year (N).

Manuscript evaluation

Manuscripts, whether they are journal or supplement submissions, are entrusted to at least two reviewers (one from Gallia’s editorial board and another external to the journal), both of whom are considered to be experts on the subject in question. The reviewers have an evaluation chart, covering both form and substance, which they must complete with a detailed opinion on the submitted work.

The reports are examined and discussed by the journal’s editorial board in January and June of each year. In all cases, the manuscripts are then returned to the authors with the editorial board’s recommendations and the related reports.

Finishing touches on manuscript submissions

In case of acceptance by the editorial board, authors have one to several months to input requests for modifications and respond to comments made by the reviewers.

Final manuscripts must reach the editorial office by November 30th of the current year (N), in order to be prepared for publication.

The publication of the journal’s volumes is scheduled for the end of the current year N+1

List of required documents to be sent

The article or monograph should consist of 3 text files.
(in .docx or .odt format).

File 1

  • the main text of the article;

  • the bibliography ;

  • a brief abstract (10-15 lines) in French and English (including a translation of the article’s title).

File 2

  • a list of keywords in both French and English (between 4 and 8, not repeating terms found in the title of the article);

  • the legends of included figures/tables (if the article includes figures/tables).

File 3

  • a long abstract (5,000 to 10,000 characters), without sub-titles or illustrations, intended specifically for online publication: to be submitted in French if the article is in English (and vice versa if the article is in French).

The illustrations should be grouped in a complementary file.
(for questions relative to format: see the “
Norms and conventions”).

Remember to send any figures cited in the text.

Where and to whom to address a proposal

Your article proposal should be sent in digital format to Gallia’s generic email address. Large documents can be sent via file transfer systems (such as Wetransfer, etc.).

Upon reception by the director and editorial staff, authors will receive a confirmation of receipt and the proposal will be read by the aforementioned parties.

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