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Created in 1942 by the National Center for Scientific Research, Gallia is the leading journal in the field of French archaeology. The journal publishes in-depth articles about ancient Gaul, from the Early Iron Age, Antiquity to the end of the Merovingian kingdoms. The geographical field encompasses the former Gallic space: the Roman provinces of the Tres Gallia (Three Gauls), the Narbonensis, the Germanies, as well as immediately bordering territories which participate in their fate. The journal welcomes articles, written in English or French, on sites or major discoveries in France but also in the nearby countries.

The Journal is supported by the French Ministry of Culture and the National Center for Scientific Research.
Issues No. 1 to 66 (1943-2009) are available on the platform Persée.

Latest issue
77-2 | 2020

Gallia 77-2
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Credits: CNRS Éditions

Publication history

Issue opened on June 30, 2020.
Issue closed on February 25, 2021.

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