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Recommendations to authors

  • double-spaced with 3.5 cm margins

  • entirely typed in Times 10

  • saved in doc or rtf formats.

The following recommandations are also required:

  • Footnotes must be avoided.

  • Titles are concise (no capital letters). When in French/English, the English/French translation is to be typed below in italics.

  • Author’s first names and surname (lower case letters) follow on the next line. Affiliation, postal and electronic addresses should be mentioned in footnotes on the first page. Use asterisks as insertion marks.

  • The two short abstracts with key words are followed by the abridged version.

  • The main text should display up to three levels of headings, and includes an introduction and conclusion. Main headings appear in bold, lower case letters, secondary headings are typed in roman, lower case characters and further subdivisions appear in italics. None are numbered.

To send the illustrations

Only copies should be submitted online for the reviewing process. The originals of these figures or figures in electronic form will be requested after the final acceptance (ai or eps formats for vector drawing; jpg for images): definitive information on the electronic preparation of the manuscripts is supplied when the referees’ reports are returned to the corresponding author.

To submit online your figures:

  • Tables, figures (line drawings) and photographs (glossy prints) should all be numbered as such and by order of appearance in the text, and supplied on separate sheets in a doc or rtf file.

  • Captions should be typed on a separate sheet and placed at the end of the manuscript using roman characters for one language and italics for the other.

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