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Created in 2016, GLAD! is a semiannual electronic journal distributed in open access. It publishes scientific, artistic and political research at the crossroads of gender, sexualities, and language. The journal is edited by the Genres, sexualités, langage association.

Latest issue
12 | 2022
Constellations créatrices

Dépasser les redécouvertes de créateur-rices effacé-es
Creative Constellations

This issue is the result of a two-year work initiated during the conference “Creative Constellations: Feminine/Queer Heritages and Networks”. It proposes a collective reflection on the concept of "constellations", which the authors have tried to approach and define from various corpuses and methodologies - art history, literature, creation, socio-history, and communication studies. This approach leads to questioning some major myths of creation: those of heritage and posterity, of the pantheon or the canon, of the centre and the margin, of the objectivity of value judgements deciding which are the great works of a heritage, of the power of art and literature over society. It is a question of imagining ways to get out of the "obligatory filiations", to justify their interest. The concept of "constellations" is thus thought of as a critical tool, a "practice", conducive to the deployment of new research methods around the works of women or queer artists. We propose a notion of constellation that is in itself creative: a "constellating critique", cobbled together, supported by different cases and contexts of analysis.

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