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Information for authors

Sending propositions

Propositions must be sent by mail to the issue coordinators, and to They must answer to the calls for papers (Glottopol has no Varia section).

Contributions are mostly in French. Quotations must be translated to French. However, if members of the reading committee are available for foreign language evaluations, we accept proposals in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese Catalan, Corse, Occitan and German. In this case, authors will provide a long resume in French (1-2 pages).

Authors will join with their text :

  • Name and surname

  • Mail address ;

  • Institution (university, research team,...) ;

  • Biographic presentation (50 words) ;

  • Resume (150 words) ;

  • Key words.

Files accepted :

  • Microsoft Word [*.DOC ou *.DOCX] ;

  • Rich Text File [*.RTF].

Pictures, drawings, figures must be in [*.JPG]. Mention all credits.


There is no maximal or minimal size for the texts. The average size is about 12-15 pages in Glottopol style sheet (see below). Using the Glottopol style sheet is recommended. If you are not familiar with using style sheets, use default styles of your software.

Don’t use colours, shading, empty paragraphs, tabulation. The only accepted font formats are bold and italics.

Respect typographic rules of the written language.

The complete references must figure at the end of the text (no references in footnotes). Follow the following standard to call the reference in the text : Last name (in capital), First name (not only the initial letter) year of first publication, (year of the consulted edition) : page(s). Examples : (Caitucoli, 2003 : 126) ; (Caitucoli, 2004b : 56-57).

Standard for full references : Last name (in capital), complete first name (not only the initial letter) year of fist publication, (year of the consulted edition), title, edition, place of edition.

You can use footnotes.

Let the header and footer empty.

Style sheet

Use the Glottopol Stylesheet ( []

Use of the style sheet

OR use the following styles and layouts :

Layout. Format A4 ; Margin = 2,5 cm (top, down, right, left) ; head et footpage : 1,25 cm.

normal style (body) : Font= Times new roman 12 points ; align=justified, no space, indent positive= 0,5 cm, simple line space.

Main title : Font= Times 14 points, capitals, bold ; align=center, space after paragraph= 18 points, no indent, simple line space.

Title 1 : Font= Times 14 points, bold ; align=left , space before paragraph= 18 points, space after paragraph= 12 points, no indent, simple line space.

Title 2 : Font=Times 12 points, bold ; align=left, space before paragraph= 12 points, space after paragraph= 6 points, pas de retrait, no indent, simple line space.

Title 3 : Font=Times 12 points, italics ; align=left, space before paragraph= 12 points, space after paragraph= 3 points, indent = 0,5 cm, simple line space.

Foot notes : numbering, 1…2…3… ; Font=Times 10 points ; align=justified no indent, no space, simple line space.

References: Font=Times 12 points ; align=justifiy, negative indent= -0,5 cm, simple line space.

Peer review

The texts are firstly read by the coordinators of the issue, to check the adequation to the call for paper, dans the respect of the minimal standards for scientific edition.

Texts are sent then to 2 peer reviewers, anonymously. The reading committee is constituted for each issue.

If accepted, the authors shall take into account all demands formulated by the peer reviewers in their text, and send a new version.


Glottopol is an Open Access Journal, free for readers and writers. All users can read, download, copy, share, print the files. As for any publication, all extract or quotation should mention the publication in detail (author, title, year of publication, etc.).

Document annexe

  • Style Sheet Glottopol (application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document – 33k)
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