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Created in 2012 and published by the Société des Hispanistes FrançaisHispanismeS is a bi-annual journal of studies of the Iberian and Iberian-American world from the Middle Ages to today. It has both a national and international reach, due in no small part to its multilingual nature: HispanismeS publishes in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Galician, and any other language used in the Iberian and Iberian-American world. 

Latest issue
17 | 2021
Murs, barrières, obstacles dans les mondes hispaniques I

Cloisonnements identitaires et territoriaux
Muros, barreras, obstáculos en los mundos hispánicos I: Compartimentaciones identitarias y territoriales
Walls, Partitions and Obstacles in hispanic Worlds I: Divisions in Identities and Territories
Sobre las prisiones, los muros de escalada y la imposibilidad de crear sombras con la pintura
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Credits: Ampparito
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