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Paths to Fiscal Transparency

Control, Knowledge and Communication in Early-Modern Polities
Les chemins de la transparence fiscale. Contrôle, savoir et communication dans l’Europe moderne
Joël Félix
p. 3-22

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histoire économique

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economic history
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1. A question of vocabulary
2. Modelling transparency
3. The politics of communication
4. Knowledge and information
5. Public credit
6. Stages in publicity

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Paradoxically, it is at a time when transparency is hailed as a key to good governance and economic efficiency, and when national states and transnational agencies are implementing new laws to allow citizens broader access to information, that a series of crises and scandals, sometimes revealed by whistle-blowers, have revealed the extent to which use of the concept can be problematic and, perhaps, even fraught. Before the global financial crisis of 2008, academic literature had already started questioning the rationale behind the adoption of the word “transparency” by the world of corporate finance. In the wake of freedom of information acts, various authors had also started to refine analytical approaches in order to examine what was at stake behind the rapid spread of the concept.

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008, which has shaken the banking sector and rocked citizens confidence in institutions, interest in transparency has grown substantially. Since Jeremy...

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Joël Félix, « Paths to Fiscal Transparency », Histoire & mesure [En ligne], XXX-2 | 2015, mis en ligne le 30 décembre 2018, consulté le 22 juin 2018. URL :

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