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XXXIII-1 | 2018

La mesure des effectifs de partis politiques en France (PS et PCF)
ISBN 978-2-7132-2752-3

The two first articles in this issue examine how membership of two left-wing French political parties was measured, focusing on the counting practices and customs of the Socialist (F. Cépède) and Communist parties (P. Boulland). Two articles are devoted to historical measurement questions. O. Reguin studies the transmission of agrarian measurement units in Italy from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, providing evidence of a Byzantine influence; G. Serra describes the creation of development indicators by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa to support the liberal reforms of the 1980s. Two other articles apply statistical methods to historical objects. Using a prosopographic database of state officers in ducal Lorraine, A. Fersing examines how the structure of the data can be used to create homogeneous categories, developing the idea via a multiple correspondence analysis and an agglomerative hierarchical cluster analysis. L. Herment and É. Mermet examine the spatial dissemination of commercial fertilizer in France in the mid-nineteenth century using GIS data and a logistic regression model followed by a principal components analysis.


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