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Histoire & Mesure explores the history of statistics and measurement practices, from antique surveying or medieval gauging to contemporary scientific instruments. It also publishes papers using statistical, formal or quantitative methods as a tool for historical research, whatever the period and theme studied. Far from being limited to economic or demographic history, the journal has always been open to cultural and political history, archeology, etc. Refusing to isolate methodology from history, it considers that a reflection on the construction of quantitative tools helps to make a better use of them.

Journal supported by the Institut des Sciences Humaines et Sociales (CNRS).

Latest issue
XXXVIII-1 | 2023
Mesurer et objectiver : agriculture, société et environnement

Measurement and Objectification: Agriculture, Society and Environment

Measurement and quantification contribute to the development of social constructs and to agricultural, industrial and environmental policies. The Objectification of the Social World sub-section examines certain approaches to the quantitative objectification of societies, while the Global Figures sub-section looks at how these approaches are implemented in agriculture. Taking a complementary historical perspective, the Energy Sources sub-section explores how the production and consumption of different energy sources, wood in particular, were quantified in the past.

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