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Created in 2012 by the university laboratory FRAMESPA, the biannual journal entitled History, Medicine and Health is supported by the Center Alexandre-Koyré and by the university laboratory Temos.

Available in paper and free-access digital editions, the journal publishes, in French, English and Spanish, contributions to the social and cultural history of medicine, health and the body, (ancient, medieval or contemporary history; all cultural areas included.) It is composed of different sections such as the Thematic Dossier; Varia; Sources and documents; Translations and re-editions of historiographical texts; Interviews; Reviews.

Latest issue
16 | hiver 2019
Hygiène du cadavre

Edited by Anne Carol

This issue discusses the variety of relationships that doctors can have with death, not from a theoretical point of view, but from the point of view of the material management of dead bodies and medical expertise in this field.

The 19th century, which saw a change in funeral sensibilities and a consolidation of the social status of doctors, was particularly scrutinised: the studies presented consider the question, in Europe, of the management of corpses from the point of view of public health (the medical definition of the criteria of death), health and hygiene (the dangers of cemeteries in the public space, the benefits of cremation), and emerging funeral rites (embalming or cremation). In addition, upstream, the dossier presents a source associating medicine and the corpse in the context of the rise of dissection in the 16th century, and downstream, an evocation of the very topical consequences of the growing role of forensic medicine in the funeral management of the mass, political or genocidal dead.

Editor's notes

À découvrir : « Photographier le cadavre », entretien avec Anne sur DicoPolHiS, Dictionnaire politique d’histoire de la santé.

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