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About the Journal

Horizons/Théâtre is a review devoted to the performing arts. It first appeared in 2002 and is published twice a year by Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux. It is based around a themed approach: each number deals with a main topic, chosen by the editorial committee, and this focusses on questions relating to the performing arts in general.

The editorial committee has determined an editorial policy which is strongly in favour of extending the focus:
Firstly, an opening onto all the forms of the performing arts/performance which might exist in different geographical areas; then an opening up of disciplines to all scientific approaches, whether they be from sociology, anthropology, linguistics or stage performance, which would be likely to shed new light on the performing arts phenomena under study. And finally, a cultural expansion in the sense that an important space is reserved for practitioners and other actors in cultural life whose analyses, testimonies and experiences can do much to enrich a research field which is still undergoing change.

We hope that this multidisciplinarity, interculturality and transversality will be fruitful, because we firmly believe that this is the way different approaches will come to shed light on the topics that we offer to our readers. The pages of our review favour diversity of expression and they will be open for any contributions that are pertinent and original, coming from university researchers, young as well as experienced. Even though French will be the main language, seeing that our French speaking readership is our first aim, contributions in other languages will also be accepted.

The review will also feature a series “Horizon/Creations” dedicated to creative drama and this is destined to be an open space welcoming both literary and artistic creations. Each proposition is accompanied by a scientific study which will serve as a prologue and will give readers the necessary keys to understanding the universe proposed by the artist. This collection is offering the prospect for joint efforts that would bring together a university researcher or critic and an artist.

Directors of the publication: Omar Fertat et Pierre Katuszewski.

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