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In vino veritas ? Autobiographie et stratégie marketing

Le cas de l’entreprise Mondavi (Napa Valley, Californie)
Séverine Wozniak
p. 203-219


This article examines the role played by an entrepreneur’s autobiography in building the company’s marketing strategy. It is based on the example of Robert Mondavi’s autobiography, Harvests of Joy. The article first focuses on the theoretical principles pertaining to the autobiography as a literary genre followed by a brief overview of the main characteristics of wine marketing. It then goes on to consider the book as a means by which the brand gains a foothold in time and space, thus superseding both soil and tradition. The autobiography appears, as such, as part of the company’s implicit discourse.

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Bibliographical reference

Séverine Wozniak, In vino veritas ? Autobiographie et stratégie marketingILCEA, 9 | 2007, 203-219.

Electronic reference

Séverine Wozniak, In vino veritas ? Autobiographie et stratégie marketingILCEA [Online], 9 | 2007, Online since 09 June 2010, connection on 23 February 2024. URL:; DOI:

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About the author

Séverine Wozniak

Université Pierre-Mendès-France - Grenoble 2

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