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1This double Insaniyat number has a particularity which needs some explaining.

2The editorial committee has decided to follow one of its main editorial principles the whole way to make researchers’ concerns in Anthropology and Social Sciences in our country visible and legible.We have chosen to target First Research with the Masters theses which fill many university department libraries. Many deserve our attention, few are read. These young researchers wait a long time before the fruit of their research efforts is known.

3A call was put out, a little over two years ago, to all Algerian universities. It’s the outcome of these contacts which has been submitted for the readers’ critic.

4The reader will bear in mind that it is not a matter of a general view of research. Neither choice nor classification on receipt was made (other than publishing what was received).

5If two main tendencies are revealed (urban studies and literary studies) that simply means that our call was heard more particularly by these two branches.

6The only conclusion to be made, of this attempt, is that subject matter exists and it only asks for a way to be expressed. And Insaniyat will have taken part in the ratification of this publication project and that is where its role and mission lies.

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« Foreword », Insaniyat / إنسانيات, 14-15 | 2001, 9.

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« Foreword », Insaniyat / إنسانيات [En ligne], 14-15 | 2001, mis en ligne le 31 janvier 2012, consulté le 29 novembre 2020. URL : ; DOI :

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