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About the journal

Objectives and general principles

The review is published by the heritage department of the French Ministry of Culture. It has been published since 2019 as a place of multidisciplinary debate, like its parent review In Situ. Revue des Patrimoines [], published by the Ministry since 2001.

The main ambitions of In Situ. Au regard des sciences sociales are:

  • To provide the scientific community with an organ of diffusion for the most recent research, in the humanities and in social sciences, on issues to do with the way heritage is recognised;

  • To encourage exchanges between different actors and different disciplines in research addressing heritage questions;

  • By means of regular sections, to offer up-to-date information about contemporary debates on heritage and on the way different disciplines see it.

The review is open to contributions proposed by the world of university research, by heritage professionals or by other cultural stakeholders.

In Situ. Au regard des sciences sociales has a scientific committee and a process of dual assessment of all articles prior to their publication.

Internet presence

In Situ. Au regard des sciences sociales is a free publication available only on the Internet. This offers three key advantages:

  • Direct access to resources available on line by means of hyperlinks;

  • The possibility, for the reader, to publish his or her own paper copies of the articles in PDF format;

  • An extremely broad readership for the articles published, particularly at international levels.


Each issue of the review is composed as follows:

  • A thematic file, coordinated by one or more invited scientific editors;

  • A section of case studies offering various articles which fall outside this main theme;

  • A section entitled ‘Situations’ offering accounts and narratives by players in the heritage field, whether or not they are professionals.

  • A section entitled ‘Debates’ which comprises reactions to publications, to conferences, seminars, exhibitions and so on. These may be particular points of view, individual positions or theoretical engagements, either of an institutional or practical nature.

  • A section of brief reports covering the latest relevant publications or new sources made available, whether on line or on paper.

  • A section entitles ‘archives’ which proposes the contextualised publication of short unpublished texts, pieces which are difficult to find or in languages other than French.

Submitting an article

Authors who would like to publish an article in this review are invited to submit the text to the editors, stating the theme or the section of the review for which the article is intended. Further guidance may be found on the In situ site which has a section entitled ‘recommendations for authors’. No fees are payed for the articles published.

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