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About the Journal

The Graduate Program in Social Sciences of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, UERJ) was created in 1994, providing interdisciplinary graduate education in anthropology, political science, and sociology. In 1999, the program launched Interseções – revista de estudos interdisciplinares, a journal that is editorially aligned with the program’s educational focus, accepting submissions from all three areas and areas that interrelate with the social sciences – its concepts, core issues and authors. Interseções is a rare publishing project in Brazil insofar as it sprang from a belief in the importance of developing a consistent body of interdisciplinary knowledge and combining concepts and theses from various theoretical approaches to formulate new research problems and develop novel theoretical frameworks.

Open Access Policy

Interseções makes its content freely available to everyone immediately upon publication based on the principle that open access to scientific knowledge is important for the democratization of knowledge around the world.

Ethics Policy

The authors, reviewers, and editors involved in the publishing process are all responsible for observing ethical standards in line with scientific principles.

Interseções is responsible for maintaining the quality and ethical standards of the texts it publishes. Its guidelines are aligned with:

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