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Ann Davis et François Mairesse
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1Volume 47 of the ICOFOM Study Series contains a selection of the papers presented at the 41st Symposium of the International Committee for Museology of ICOM, held in Tehran during October 2018. This is the first time that ICOFOM and, apparently, that an international committee of ICOM went to Iran, in a climate of increasing international tension. All the participants of the symposium, who for the most part discovered this country, were conquered by this incursion into the Iranian culture, far removed from the media clichés, by the wealth of the Iranian heritage, by the quality of its museums and that of the organization of the symposium. The hospitality of our guests was particularly appreciated, as well as all their efforts to make symposium participants appreciate the many facets of Iranian culture.

2During this symposium ICOFOM wished to reconnect with a tradition initiated during its first years by publishing in advance, in the form of short articles, the written contributions of its participants, in order to promote the discussions. No less than forty-four contributions were collected, edited and published (under the title Museology and the Sacred) then made available online (on the ICOFOM website) and handed, printed, to the participants of the symposium. Following the symposium, a selection was made by the Editorial Board, with the selected authors invited to submit a new article on their research for the ICOFOM Study Series (according to the usual logic of peer review). The ten papers presented here are the result of this process.

3This review cannot function without its many contributors, but also all the anonymous peer reviewers as well as all the members of ICOFOM who participated in the work of secretarial, proofreading, correction and editing. We thank them here very sincerely.

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Ann Davis et François Mairesse, « Foreword »ICOFOM Study Series, 47(1-2) | 2019, 7.

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Ann Davis et François Mairesse, « Foreword »ICOFOM Study Series [En ligne], 47(1-2) | 2019, mis en ligne le 12 octobre 2019, consulté le 15 août 2022. URL : ; DOI :

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