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1This issue of ICOFOM Study Series is an invitation to critically think about the past of museology, considering the traditions we wish to entrust to future generations of museologists and museum professionals. The proposed topic The future of tradition in museology was our interpretation of the main theme of the 25th ICOM General Conference in Kyoto, Japan, where ICOFOM organised several workshops presenting papers that were the foundation of contributions to this issue. The Conference itself, where the future of museums and ICOM’s museum definition were widely debated, has proven to be its own historical event that will be transmitted to the future as part of ICOM’s tradition in the 21st century.

2But change is never easy because it involves the renegotiation of the past in the present. The Kyoto Conference was perceived by many of us as a moment of great friction between differing perspectives on the museum, and it could be interpreted as an announcement of the changes to come in the values and core statements that have guided this organisation for the past decades of its existence. Immersed in the Japanese culture that embraces tradition while moving into the future, our debates in the city of Kyoto will be remembered as a notable part of our shared history, and they set the tone for future reflections in this journal and other international forums.

3Assuming the responsibility to continue transmitting museological theory and museum studies to the present and to the future, I accepted, in Kyoto, the role of Editor of the ICOFOM Study Series planning to honour the work of previous editors Ann Davis and François Mairesse, from whom I have learned so much in the past years as an author, an ICOFOM member and a museologist. This journal, created in 1983 by ICOFOM chair Vinoš Sofka at a moment when museology was also being reinvented, is their legacy to my generation and to the future generations of ICOFOM members to come. And if museology is our intangible heritage – according to Mairesse in his introduction to this issue – then the ICOFOM Study Series is the means that assures its preservation and transmission to the future.

4This volume 48, issue 1 marks the beginning of a new editorial era for the ICOFOM Study Series, in which this journal intends to expand to the publication of two issues per year. This challenge is only possible with the hard work of a very committed group of contributors, including the members of our new Editorial Board, the anonymous peer reviewers, and the members of ICOFOM who dedicate their time to this journal in the work of organising, editing, proofreading, and correcting articles. The transmission of heritage is only possible thanks to the people who pass on our traditions with heart and soul. I am deeply grateful to all of them.

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Bruno Brulon Soares, « Foreword. ICOFOM Study Series: our heritage, our tradition »ICOFOM Study Series, 48-1 | 2020, 7-8.

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Bruno Brulon Soares, « Foreword. ICOFOM Study Series: our heritage, our tradition »ICOFOM Study Series [En ligne], 48-1 | 2020, mis en ligne le 01 août 2020, consulté le 29 novembre 2020. URL :; DOI:

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Bruno Brulon Soares

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