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1Volume 43 (a and b) of ICOFOM Study Series brings you the results of the 37th symposium of the International Committee for Museology, organized from 5 to 9 June 2014 at the Sorbonne University in Paris. At this symposium, more than 200 participants presented more than 75 lectures divided into four parallel sessions. During the symposium, a special issue of ICOFOM Study Series was published to accompany the session given in honour of André Desvallées.

2The impressive number of papers led us to publish two separate volumes (a and b) of the ICOFOM Study Series, while the keynote speaker papers will be published in a separate volume. This year, additionally, following a first selection of abstracts by the ICOFOM board, we introduced a more precise differentiation between papers with a more specifically theoretical focus, and those presenting case studies. The theoretical papers are published in the first part and were further evaluated by a double blind peer review; the case studies are published in the second part. The system of bibliographical references adopted by ICOFOM Study Series was also revised, based on the guidelines of the American Psychological Association, along with revised guidelines for the overall presentation of the papers. These changes, along with the enormous number of papers, presented a major challenge for the timely publication of our journal.

3We wish to specifically thank all the members of ICOFOM, as well as our colleagues who took time to evaluate the articles, and also those members who took care of proof reading and layout of the two volumes.

4We also wish to thank all the people who took part in the organization of the symposium in Paris, in particular representatives from the following groups: Labex ICCA (Industries Culturelles et Creation Artistique, co-organizer of the symposium), CERLIS (Centre de Recherche sur les Liens sociaux), Institut national du Patrimoine, Ecole du Louvre, Institut d’études politiques in Paris, universities Paris Descartes (Paris 13), French Ministry of Culture, Muséum national dHistoire naturelle, and ICOM France.

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