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2015-3 | 2016
Ethos numériques

Digital Ethos
Edited by Christèle Couleau, Oriane Deseilligny and Pascale Hellégouarc’h
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Credits : Eustace Emoji Cropped. Par Fred Benenson. CC-BY 2.0. Source : Flickr.

The Internet both connects and exposes its users. It is where their identities take shape, are staged and enter into interaction. The Internet is not a mere medium, it is an environment in which strategies of self-presentation must be adapted, even though they may have to be refashioned. From the Aristotelian definition of ethos to emojis, the present issue adopts the approaches of various disciplines (information and communication sciences, discourse analysis, literature, sociology), thus multiplying the points of view on the adaptations and reinventions of our digital identities. It examines the virtuous strategies developed to foster confidence and goodwill among the internauts. In particular it shows how technical devices make processes more complex: identity is diffracted through the pseudos adopted by users and through the parts played by them on the various interfaces; it is dissipated in what devices, and editorial, collective and  institutional discourses implicitly suggest; it is crystallized into a profile, slowly gaining a reputation, or is suddenly revealed by a troll or a buzz. What happens then to ethos in a digital environment?

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