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2016-1 | 2016
Écrire et créer avec les villes en mouvement

Creative Metropoles on the Move
Edited by Aline Bergé, Xavier Garnier and Marc Kober
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Credits: © Londres, 2008. Une Ville idéale ? Par Eugenio Prieto Gabriel.

If citiscapes may be considered as textscapes to be read, following a long tradition of semiological criticism, they are textscapes on the move. The present volume occupies the middle ground between anthropology and literature, and focuses on urban shifts as conveyed by art and literature. Paying particular attention to the urban changes in postcolonial context, we will study the sites where creation has not yet been institutionalized, and where it seems to take part in free-ranging socialization processes. While cities may be strongholds of power and entrap their inhabitants, they may also elaborate various forms of resistance born of urban geographies, and capture the vibrant rhythms of the city, turning them into new creative material.

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