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2016-2 | 2017
Livre, sérialité et transmédialité

Book, Seriality and Transmediality
Edited by Claire Cornillon and Danièle André
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Credits : Reactable. Par Ars Electronica. CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0. Source : Flickr.

This journal issue focuses on the role and importance of books in the cross- or transmedia fictional universes, in other words fiction that comes in a variety of formats, whether it be print books or e-books, radio serials, role playing games, manga or TV shows. The issue gathers a series of case study analysis that question the notion of seriality, by studying objects that are defined as “serial” and also by wondering what the limits of such a definition can be, and the notion of transmediality, especially so in the case of stories that move across media or that undergo transfictional changes. The issue tackles three main aspects of these narrative remediations within and outside books: transfictions (adaptations, semantic approach, rewriting), transmediality (roleplaying game, visual universes, radio storytelling) and eventually media constructions (media mix, hypertextuality, hacking). All these questions are present in the miscellanies that end the issue and that deal with remediation in Patrick Modiano’s writing of Dora Bruder and with transfiction in the nineteenth century popular tales.

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