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2020-2 | 2020
Discours animal. Langages, interactions, représentations

Animal Discourse. Languages, Interactions, Representations
Edited by Laura Goudet, Marie-Anne Paveau and Catherine Ruchon
Image d’accroche du numéro 2020-2
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Credits: Jim, the Photographer, 2012, « Eastern Cottontail Rabbit », modifié par Marie-Anne Paveau et Catherine Ruchon. Source : Flickr, CC-BY 2.0.

Contemporary animalistic inclinations and debates on animal rights shift speciesist boundaries, as humans are more and more thought as mere animals amongst others. Similarly, animal language is shaped and traced through filters as diverse as zoology, anthropology, ethology or zoosemiotics, in that the commonly accepted human-animal interface evaporates. In this issue, contributions of scholars who give a voice to animals—who let animals express themselves, really—try and understand their standpoint. Linguists, semioticians, philosophers, and literary scholars form a choir of voices who carry linguistics beyond humanity.

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