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2020-1 | 2020
Les cultures du chapitre

Cultures of Chapters
Edited by Claire Colin, Camille Koskas and Jérémy Naïm
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Credits: Jules Verne, Vingt mille lieues sous les mers, 1871. Source : Gallica.

Are narratives divided in the same way across different media? Dividing a story into chapters can be a widely differentiated practice: novels are structured in chapters, but chapters are also found in DVDs, series, comics, collections of stories, and so forth. Do all these ways of dividing the story pertain to the same model? The papers that are gathered here attempt, each on its own domain, to put forward a culture of narrative division, whether through case studies or cross-sectional studies.

Editor's notes

Nous remercions le Centre Culturel International de Cerisy-la-Salle et l’Association des Amis de Cerisy-Pontigny de nous avoir fourni, en accueillant le colloque final de l’ANR Chapitres, l’occasion de nous lancer dans ce dossier.

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