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Itinéraires. Littérature, textes, cultures is a French scholarly journal of French and Francophone studies. Using literature and texts, it examines contact-points between varied cultural spheres. Its theoretical methods focus on the forms and conventions of fiction, on literary genres, and on all approaches that re-examine the place of literature in culture (gender studies, postcolonial studies, comparative studies, statistical analysis of texts, discourse analysis, multi-media work, emerging trends, avant-gardes, counter-cultures, etc.). The journal publishes three thematic issues per year which can also include a selection of non-thematic papers in the « varia » section. It is edited by Pléiade (EA 7338), the Multidisciplinary Research Center in Humanities of the University of Paris 13.

Latest issue
2017-3 | 2018
Littératures expérimentales

Écrire, performer, créer à l’ère numérique
Experimental Literatures. Writing, Performing, Creating in the Digital Era
Edited by Magali Nachtergael
Image d'accroche du numéro 2017-3
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Credits : La salle des archives du poète (exposition I love John Giorno, Palais de Tokyo). Par Jean-Pierre Dalbéra. CC BY 2.0. Source : Flickr.

What is literary creation without experimentation? How can we consider the literary regime since W.J.T. Mitchell has proclaimed, alongside the rise of new media, the pictorial turn as the contemporary ruling paradigm? Exploring further the idea of a neo-literature that would incorporate its visual feature, including screens and spectacular events, this volume scrutinizes contemporary experimentations through medias and disciplines: artist books, theoretical dialogues, transmedia, appropriation, musical, poetical or digital performances, various contemporary types of writing questioning the borders of what is—or is not—literature. These manifestations of literary facts, the role of the reader-viewer or the presence of the author invalidate the central position of canonical text and its fixation in a book: these manifestations of the literary push forward the critical horizon into the realm of sensorial perceptions and cognitive experience, which widens the literary space and triggers new theoretical speculations.

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