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Itinéraires. Littérature, textes, cultures is a French scholarly journal of French and Francophone studies. Using literature and texts, it examines contact-points between varied cultural spheres. Its theoretical methods focus on the forms and conventions of fiction, on literary genres, and on all approaches that re-examine the place of literature in culture (gender studies, postcolonial studies, comparative studies, statistical analysis of texts, discourse analysis, multi-media work, emerging trends, avant-gardes, counter-cultures, etc.). The journal publishes three thematic issues per year which can also include a selection of non-thematic papers in the « varia » section. It is edited by Pléiade (EA 7338), the Multidisciplinary Research Center in Humanities of the University of Paris 13.

Latest issue
2022-1 | 2022
Les émotions littéraires à l’œuvre : lieux, formes et expériences partagées d’aujourd’hui

Literary Emotions at Work: Contemporary Venues, Modes and Shared Experiences
Edited by Aurélie Mouton-Rezzouk and Bérengère Voisin
l'Estran – 2009.
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Credits: Marie Maurel de Maillé, © Adagp, Paris, 2022.

Where and how is it possible today to experience literary emotions? The private sphere of individual reading is of course the first answer. The next answer is to mention places of education, such as schools and universities. But what can be said about this experience in the public realm? To what extent does it participate in public life, and does it inform habits, practices and modes of sociability? To give an account of the places, spaces and practices in which individuals can experience shared literary emotions today is, in a way, to speak of the vitality of literature.

Editor's notes

Expert·es qui ont participé au numéro :

Rédouane Abouddahab, Élisa Bricco, Anne Chassagnol, Christèle Couleau, Ivanne Galant, Marc Kober, Chantal Lapeyre, Mathilde Lévêque, Caroline Marie, Nancy Murzilli, Magali Nachtergael, Claire Paulian, Laurence Perrigault, Valérie Stiénon, Gaëlle Théval, Agathe Torti, Louis Watier, Marie-Jeanne Zenetti

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