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Itinéraires. Littérature, textes, cultures is a French scholarly journal of French and Francophone studies. Using literature and texts, it examines contact-points between varied cultural spheres. Its theoretical methods focus on the forms and conventions of fiction, on literary genres, and on all approaches that re-examine the place of literature in culture (gender studies, postcolonial studies, comparative studies, statistical analysis of texts, discourse analysis, multi-media work, emerging trends, avant-gardes, counter-cultures, etc.). The journal publishes three thematic issues per year which can also include a selection of non-thematic papers in the « varia » section. It is edited by Pléiade (EA 7338), the Multidisciplinary Research Center in Humanities of the University of Paris 13.

Latest issue
2017-2 | 2018
Féminismes quatrième génération

Textes, corps, signes
Fourth Generation Feminisms. Texts, Bodies, Signs
Edited by Stéphanie Pahud and Marie-Anne Paveau
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Credits : 22 Marcha das vadias 2013. Par Alan de Souza. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. Source : Flickr.

A new feminist semiotics appears at the beginning of the twenty-first century, emerging from contemporary social and political contexts as well as new international and intersectional feminist militancy: new signs, new texts, new discourses, new slogans, new symbols. This issue explores the variety of this renewal by examining the devices produced by young activists whose feminist education was done with the Internet, gender and intersectionality.

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