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Permanent call for papers

The biannual, multidisciplinary, digital and open access journal “Images du travail, travail des images” presents, in addition to several contributions calls to thematic files, a permanent call for articles in order to be published in “Varia” or in its other sections such as "An eye, an image”, “Images in progress” or “Reports” (For these last sections, see “Writing for Images of work, work of images” on the journal website).

The articles proposed in “Varia” section must reflect:

  • either experiments or research relating to the production of images of work, whether it concerns the circumstances of their elaboration, the modalities of their circulation in the different social spaces, their reception or the representations they convey;

  • or, the uses of images of work in the most diverse social environments and with the most varied purposes, but in particular, in the different phases of research, from problematization to the dissemination and promotion of results, including field work and the techniques or methodologies used.

In all cases, they are based on clearly presented empirical data, and they specify the field, the corpus, the sources, the survey techniques and the methodology used. Whatever the images and the methodology presented, the articles must put in context the research presented in relation to existing work and initiate a reflective approach.

All kinds of images are concerned here, whether they are still images like drawings, paintings, engravings, collages, frescoes, advertising, postcards, comics, photographs of course, silver or digital, or animated: videos, documentaries, animation or fiction films, etc. They can be the product of amateur or professional practices, of artisanal, industrial or activist origin, produced and conveyed by traditional or emerging media.

“Images du travail, travail des images” wishes to promote the use of images in scientific writing. Besides the classic written form, the articles must integrate images, both still and moving, in the development of their argument. The complementarity between text, image and sound is systematically required.

Finally, the journal wants to be a place of exchange and debate on all aspects of the production and use of images, whatever the disciplinary approach in the field of human and social sciences: sociology, history, anthropology, ethnology, geography, art history, literature, film studies, economics, law, information and communication sciences, etc.

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