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Scope and aims

Izquierdas (Lefts) is a quarterly scientific publication (released in January, April, July and October of each year), published by the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Santiago de Chile. The journal promotes and disseminates unpublished research on the history of facts and ideas from the extensive Latin American socialist culture and its links and experiences with other regional and extra-regional political cultures.

Izquierdas does not charge any fees for publishing in the journal; neither for paying or financing the production and publication of articles, nor for reading and using all of its contents.

Izquierdas receives, validates and disseminates scientific academic production issued from the universities and from other specialized agencies of Chile and abroad. Its main forms of papers are: Scientific articles from research sponsored by public or private funds; Scholarly communications: papers presented at public events such as conferences, seminars, symposia, interviews, etc.; Studies of sources and documentary collections; Reviews and book reviews.

In the broad field of historiography, its new fields, objects and approaches, Izquierdas welcomes all relevant production in relation to its main themes and subjects, be they social, political or cultural history; international relations; gender, queer, cultural, sociological, philosophical, philological studies; studies of sources.

Scientific articles, academic communications & sources and documents studies are submitted to reviewing on formal aspects as well as on contents. In the latter case, peer reviewing is in the form of “double-blind”.

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