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Dossier - Villes, cultures et engagements

Quand la ville et l’événementiel se façonnent mutuellement

Des mondes de la culture à Ségou au Mali
When the City and the Event are Co-Constructed: The City Within the Cultural Event in Mali
Laure Carbonnel
p. 85-99


Each village has its own festivities, each cultural event also involves a particular conception of the locality in which it takes place. This article explores the co-conception of the idea of culture and that of the city, which change concomitantly with cultural and economic policies and the social organisation of cultural actors and localities. This relationship between the locality and the cultural event will be explored through the study of three local events mentioned by my interlocutors: events organised by village associations, the cultural biennial organised by the state and a festival with its own set of institutions for cultural production implemented by private entrepreneurs.

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Bibliographical reference

Laure Carbonnel, « Quand la ville et l’événementiel se façonnent mutuellement », Journal des anthropologues, 162-163 | 2020, 85-99.

Electronic reference

Laure Carbonnel, « Quand la ville et l’événementiel se façonnent mutuellement », Journal des anthropologues [Online], 162-163 | 2020, Online since 01 January 2024, connection on 10 May 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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About the author

Laure Carbonnel

Université Paris-Nanterre, IHA/CREPOS.
Courriel :

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