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Dossier - Villes, cultures et engagements

Les Théâtres Off du quartier Abasto à Buenos Aires 

Entre la gentrification urbaine et la résistance culturelle
The Off-Theaters of the Abasto District in Buenos Aires : Between Urban Gentrification and Cultural Resistance
Florencia Dansilio
p. 135-149


This article explores the creation of a new urban centrality in the city of Buenos Aires through the proliferation of off-theaters venues in the Abasto neighborhood. With reduced seating capacity, experimental theater proposals, and in close contact with the territory, in the 1980s, these new off-theatre venues began reinvesting in multiple spaces that had been abandoned due to shifts in the country’s productive matrix. The Abasto case is paradigmatic, given that it has emerged within a working class neighborhood that hosted the biggest wholesale market in the city and numerous factories and workshops. Once they had gone out of business, it was transformed into the epicenter of alternative theatrical activities and became an attractive territory for important urban development projects. How did Abasto become a theatre district ? What are the interactions between independent, alternative theatre venues and large private redevelopment projects in the neighbourhood ? Is the artistic activity a driver of gentrification or, on the contrary, a force that opposes gentrification by promoting the reappropriation of the territory ?

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Bibliographical reference

Florencia Dansilio, « Les Théâtres Off du quartier Abasto à Buenos Aires  », Journal des anthropologues, 162-163 | 2020, 135-149.

Electronic reference

Florencia Dansilio, « Les Théâtres Off du quartier Abasto à Buenos Aires  », Journal des anthropologues [Online], 162-163 | 2020, Online since 01 January 2024, connection on 10 May 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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About the author

Florencia Dansilio

CREDA (Centre de recherche et de documentation sur les Amériques).
Courriel :

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