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Dossier - Ethnographier la liberté

Libres de brûler

Autonomie et hétéronomie face au feu dans la savane brésilienne
Free to Burn : Autonomy and Heteronomy Toward Fire in the Brazilian Savannah
Guilherme Moura Fagundes
p. 67-87


This article analyzes the transformations linked to the experience of freedom lived by the Quilombolas communities of Cerrado (the Brazilian Savannah) following the emergence of the integrated fire management policy and expectations surrounding the conversion of low-intensity burns into carbon credits. This new environmental policy is called by some the return to the “freedom to burn”, encouraging the autonomy of the members of the community in the sense that they manage fire as administrators of their own “resources”. The article argues that the Quilombolas provide us with an alternative conception of freedom to that of neoliberal autonomy. They invite us to think about a heteronomous freedom guided by non-human life forms, whose effects are expressed in a mode of relation to fire that has surpassed its control.

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Editor's notes

Ce texte a reçu les commentaires critiques de R. Bulamah, A. Costa, C. Sordi, R. Vieira, É. Bourel et T. Loloum, à qui j’exprime mes remerciements.
Je remercie également M. Varieux pour son aide dans la traduction et la révision.

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Bibliographical reference

Guilherme Moura Fagundes, « Libres de brûler », Journal des anthropologues, 164-165 | 2021, 67-87.

Electronic reference

Guilherme Moura Fagundes, « Libres de brûler », Journal des anthropologues [Online], 164-165 | 2021, Online since 02 January 2024, connection on 21 September 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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About the author

Guilherme Moura Fagundes

Universidade de Brasilia, LACT
Courriel :

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