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Dossier - Ethnographier la liberté

Libertés précaires

(In)dépendances et (in)subordinations de saisonniers et d’intérimaires
Precarious Liberties: (In)dependencies and (In)subordination in the Field of Seasonal Workers in Tourism and Temporary Workers
Liza Baghioni and Philippe Rosini
p. 89-110


This article proposes a comparison of two research studies on “unskilled” temporary workers and seasonal workers working in mountain tourism. The notion of freedom is questioned in an attempt to go beyond the divides of domination-resistance, alienation-emancipation, in order to underline how they are perpetually intertwined. After exploring the representations and uses of the notion of freedom as applied to precarious workers, the authors confront these discourses with the constraints that these workers have to deal with in the context of their respective activities. The aim of clarifying this context is to situate the forms of resistance that can be embedded in them, and then to examine the practices that these workers more readily associate with forms of freedom or deliverance.

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Bibliographical reference

Liza Baghioni and Philippe Rosini, « Libertés précaires », Journal des anthropologues, 164-165 | 2021, 89-110.

Electronic reference

Liza Baghioni and Philippe Rosini, « Libertés précaires », Journal des anthropologues [Online], 164-165 | 2021, Online since 02 January 2024, connection on 23 September 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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About the authors

Liza Baghioni

Laboratoire d’économie et de sociologie du travail (LEST, UMR 7317)
Courriel :

Philippe Rosini

Laboratoire d’anthropologie et de psychologie cliniques, cognitives et sociales (LAPCOS, EA 7278)
Courriel :

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