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Guillaume de Gracia
p. 273-284


Historically, the profession of anthropologist is incompatible with precariousness. Nevertheless, this situation is common for hundreds of thousands of intellectuals, including this article’s author, who proposes, from this post-scarcity position, a new epistemological track based on what he calls micro-fieldwork: fieldwork “pieces” at times gleaned, wanted, fortuitous, or sought out that eventually form a corpus strong enough for interpretation.
Accompanying this new approach is the firm will to reconsider one’s own subjectivity, to fight for the “liberation” of anthropology (in the sense of the eponymous anthropological school), while also trying to free oneself from a certain type of academic writing. The author has baptized this set of measures “gonzo-anthropology.”

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Bibliographical reference

Guillaume de Gracia, « Gonzo-anthropologue », Journal des anthropologues, 148-149 | 2017, 273-284.

Electronic reference

Guillaume de Gracia, « Gonzo-anthropologue », Journal des anthropologues [Online], 148-149 | 2017, Online since 10 May 2019, connection on 19 June 2018. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/jda.6697

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About the author

Guillaume de Gracia

Anthropologue indépendant.
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