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Dossier – Racisme et sexisme

Rôles sociaux et dynamiques sociales de sexe en Grèce ancienne

L’anthropologie de Nicole-Claude Mathieu et l’Antiquité grecque
Social Roles and Gender Dynamics in Ancient Greece
Marcella Farioli
p. 107-131


Considerable scholarship has been devoted to the study of the status of women in ancient Greece. The features of women’s subordination have received wide attention, as have popular and philosophical accounts of feminine nature and its literary and iconographic representations. In contrast, the material sources of this oppression have been largely neglected. This paper argues that a number of questions can be clarified by applying the theoretical tools of Nicole-Claude Mathieu and other French materialist-feminist scholars to the ancient world. In addition, numerous parallels can be established between ancient Greece and other, later societies in terms of the appropriation of women and naturalizing systems. N.-C. Mathieu’s feminist anthropology proves to be a highly fruitful prism for understanding Greek society and for unveiling prejudices held by classical scholars who base their analyses of women’s social position on implicit biological premises.

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Bibliographical reference

Marcella Farioli, « Rôles sociaux et dynamiques sociales de sexe en Grèce ancienne », Journal des anthropologues, 150-151 | 2017, 107-131.

Electronic reference

Marcella Farioli, « Rôles sociaux et dynamiques sociales de sexe en Grèce ancienne », Journal des anthropologues [Online], 150-151 | 2017, Online since 15 November 2019, connection on 17 December 2018. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/jda.6773

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About the author

Marcella Farioli

Université Paris-Est-École doctorale « Cultures et Sociétés »
94010 Créteil
Courriel :

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