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154-155 | 2018
Violences et terreurs

Sujets et institutions
Violences and Terrors. Subjects and Institutions

The ideological status of violence has evolved considerably since the end of the Cold War and it is only recently that the elimination of violence has emerged as a major stake in the pacification of social, political and environmental relationships, as well as interpersonal ones. Paradoxically, situations of terror and violence are more evident, more intense, in the face of denunciations from all sides. Because all environments manifest diverse forms of violence and are situated today within the antiterrorist struggle, anthropologists strive to analyse the varied and unexpected responses of subjects adapting to this situation under new constraints. Freeing oneself from the obvious daily media onslaughts, penetrating the multiplicity of logistics at play, letting oneself be destabilized by the confrontation of configurations and actors, such could sum up the message that this collection of texts communicates. These texts convey as much the impotence as the power of violence and terror across all continents.


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