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Dossier – Violences et terreurs

Terrorisme, violences politiques et maintien de l’ordre

L’ultra gauche comme cible de la terreur instituée ?
Terrorism, Political Violence and Law Enforcement: The Ultra-gauche or Far Left as a Target of Instituted Terror?
Simon Le Roulley and Julien Long
p. 137-160


This paper focuses on the way in which exceptional measures have been used to repress social movements. Indeed, from November 2015 to November 2017, the terrorist threat looming over France allowed police departments to use anti-terrorist measures against social movement actors. Interviews with people under house arrest and those legally banned from demonstrations will serve to illustrate how anti-terrorism proceeds from a “terrorisation” of these populations. We propose to show the processes behind its emergence, its methodology and its effects on the concerned populations.

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Full-text article available to subscribers or on a "pay per view" basis. It will be available on this URL in January 2022.
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Bibliographical reference

Simon Le Roulley and Julien Long, « Terrorisme, violences politiques et maintien de l’ordre », Journal des anthropologues, 154-155 | 2018, 137-160.

Electronic reference

Simon Le Roulley and Julien Long, « Terrorisme, violences politiques et maintien de l’ordre », Journal des anthropologues [Online], 154-155 | 2018, Online since 15 November 2020, connection on 21 January 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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About the authors

Simon Le Roulley

Université de Caen Basse-Normandie − CERREV (Centre de recherche risques et vulnérabilité − EA-3918) − MRSH bât. F, Campus 1 − Bureau 231-232 − Esplanade de la Paix − 14302 Caen
Courriel :

Julien Long

Université de Nantes − MSH (Maison des sciences de lʼhomme) Ange Ghépin − 5 Allée Jacques Berque − BP 12105 − 44021 Nantes cedex 1
Courriel :

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