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Hors-série | 2018
Subjectivités face à lʼexil

Positions, réflexivités et imaginaires des acteurs

This volume is based on two proposals. It applies the Maussian triptych “Give - Receive - Give back” to the analysis of sexuality, with particular emphasis on its temporal dynamics, which introduce a phase of debt – between the moment of the gift and that of the counter-gift. The aim here is to focus analyses on the imbrication of sexuality within the specific context of intimacy, rather than considering sexuality as an isolate or the types of relationships that it entails (affective, economic, etc.). This reveals the major role of this phase of debt, which is not to be interpreted in the same way, depending on the structure of the intimate context (conjugal, playful, etc.) on one hand, and on the other, the type of imbrication of sexuality within this context. We will even discover forms of sexualization of intimacy that do not include, in the strict sense, sexual relations.

Editor's notes

Ce hors-série a été élaboré avec la participation de l’ANR LIMINAL / INALCO et du programme Non-lieux de l’exil.


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